Point of Sale Jamaica Ltd.
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Point of Sale Software Solutions

Point of Sale (Jamaica) Ltd has been providing software solutions for almost thirty years. Point of Sale started to use RealWorld accounting software and Counterpoint point of sale software from back in the ninety's. During that time, we have grown with our customers in the use of Counterpoint software and have found that Passport accounting software is an excellent upgrade for RealWorld Classic accounting software. As both Counterpoint and Passport have introduced SQL versions, the flexibility of these solutions have been increased. We extend an invitation to our clients to visit these websites and view an introduction to Counterpoint and/or Passport Accounting software by using the below links. Contact us for quotes and to discuss your requirements.

  NCR/Radiant Counterpoint Software

Point of Sale has been the local representative for Radiant Counterpoint software for over 20 years. It has a strong Inventory foundation and excellent Point of Sale reporting. Recently taken over by NCR, the prospects of further growth for this software solution have been greatly enhanced. Take a quick visit to Radiant's webpage on this software and see the potential being offered.

  Passport Software, Inc.

Passport Business Solutions provided the latest version of what was RealWorld Classic Accounting software. With over 30 years development experience, Passport has taken what was RealWorld Classic and brought it into the 21st century, without loosing the reliability that RealWorld Classic had. The latest version is now based on Microsoft SQL that will facilitate greater flexibility in reporting with access through a larger variety of report writers, e.g. Crystal report writer, or database access programs like Microsoft Access or Excel.